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1 x 2kg | Harringtons Natural Optimum Rabbit Food | 2kg | DAMAGED

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PROMO – We have a few damaged Harringtons Optimum Rabbit Food which we are selling at a reduced price.

Harringtons Optimum Rabbit Food is a complementary feed for rabbits, containing a single all-in-one nugget to help avoid selective feeding. It contains a wide variety of high quality ingredients and is fortified with vitamins to help support your rabbit's immune system. For healthy digestion, yeast extracts and high fibre ingredients are added.

    • No artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar.
    • Lots of high quality fibre

We recommend providing unlimited access to fresh hay to supplement your rabbit's diet and help prevent boredom.

Feeding Guide:

Rabbit - Young 100-130g a day
Rabbit - Adult 130-150g a day
Rabbit - Doe & Litter 350-400g a day