We love pets and want the best food that is delicious, nutritious and means we get to enjoy our time with them more. There are no artificial colours or flavours in our foods, just loads of natural ingredients.
Harringtons is manufactured by a family owned and managed business.
With our history in manufacturing, we think we understand the importance of giving your pets the best possible food, using quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, and free from artificial colours and flavours.
With many pets belonging to the directors and many more amongst our staff, we all have daily experiences of feeding a wide variety of pets and understand that they all have their individual needs.
We appreciate that certain dogs prefer diets without wheat for example. We also recognise that you, our customers, have to make choices every day to manage the household budget. Pet food can be a major component of that budget. In today's more constrained economic environment, difficult compromises may have to be faced if your pet is to continue to receive a quality premium food. 
We have therefore focused on values which are reflected in the production of Harringtons:
No compromise on quality or ingredients used.
No wastage associated with 'big company' cost structure.
No expensive, unnecessary packaging.
Good honest Yorkshire value.
Harringtons does not carry out, approve or fund invasive animal testing. We may from time to time carry out palatability testing to assist in the development of new products. This is simply to check that they enjoy the taste of our new product.

In the late 19th Century, Great Grandfather Harrington (our current Chairman's grandfather) started a milling business in Yorkshire, England. From milling, we became animal feed manufacturers before starting pet food manufacturing in the mid-1980's. Three generations later, Harringtons retain a proud family tradition of producing top quality pet foods, sourcing locally grown products wherever possible. We aim to give your pets wholesome food free from any artificial flavours or colours.
Harringtons is manufactured in our purpose built factory near Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Built in 2003, the Factory now has some 150,000 tonnes of extrusion capacity and an equivalent amount of packaging capacity. The current Harringtons dog food range was launched in 2008 with the aim of making premium pet foods affordable to as many potential customers as possible - without compromise on quality. In 2010 the range was increased to include oven baked semi-moist dog treats and in 2012, we launched a dry cat food range to great customer acclaim - 3 years after we first started initial preparations. We also launched a range of premium Rabbit and Guinea Pig foods - under the banner of Harringtons "Optimum".
Our products are stocked through a broad range of retailers throughout NZ and in stores all over the world.
Harringtons has a commitment to protect the environment.
As well as caring about the food we produce we care about our environment and wherever possible Harringtons is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact. We believe that these values are reflected in all of our products. At every step of the manufacturing process, from procurement of raw ingredients to consideration of end user, all environmental aspects are monitored and controlled. 
Where possible, we endeavour for raw ingredients to be sourced locally, reducing the energy consumption by transportation, coupled with the aim of supporting the local community and local businesses.
We have designed a compostable bag which is suitable for some of our products, and aim to limit the use of excess packaging. All our packaging is recyclable (where facilities exist). A Combined Heat and Power Plant converts Natural Gas to electricity, heat and steam. This has vastly reduced our carbon emissions. Our purpose built factory is equipped with modern efficient manufacturing and packaging systems and we have invested to ensure that we are using these advanced systems and technologies as another way to reduce wastage.
We have designed a compostable bag (certified to European Standard EN13432) and can be composted either in your own compost pile or through an industrial composting process. Our big bags (15kg) are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of through your local authority recycling collection, either through your home recycling collection or from a local designated collection point.
We are accredited for our environmental performance by the Investors in the Environment (Bronze Accreditation). The Investors in the Environment sets criteria for environmental performance for:
Committing to reducing environmental impact
Committing to legal compliance
Recording and monitoring impacts and resources
Setting targets and objectives to reduce environmental impact and increasing efficiency and minimising risk of pollution
Creation of an action plan – which sets out what we have done, currently do and plan to do
Emergency preparedness and response
The Future
We realise that as much as we have so far achieved, we always want to do more. We aim and commit to further reduce our resource use, and reduce all wastes.
We are now on course to achieve higher accreditation with the purpose of becoming a truly sustainable business.