How We Do It


We’re proud to be from Yorkshire and want to keep it beautiful for future generations. So that means minimising our environmental impact in making our food. Being sustainable to us is an effort everyone at Harringtons is involved in. From generating our own electricity to power ourselves. To finding more ways to reduce our water usage. To sourcing locally and within the UK. And limit the amount of plastic that we use in packaging.

We know packaging is important and recycling is key. We limit use of plastic where we can and were the UK’s first pet food brand to use paper bags when we launched in 2008, all fully recyclable. Right now we are over 99% recyclable for all our products and working hard to make it a full house in 2021.



We believe that feeding natural food is the best place to start for your pet’s happiness and wellbeing. We also believe that natural food should be accessible for every pet. That’s why our whole range of foods is made with all natural ingredients. And by making the food ourselves, we keep costs low. For all pets, for all ages and lifestages. For those with specific dietary needs - grain free, low fat, and dental or not.



We love our pets. And we know you do to. We want to put them first. That means giving them the correct nutrition every day. But it also means giving back. And we do this in a dizzying amount of ways. From rescue centres, to fire dogs, helping pet therapy animals or mountain rescue dogs. We get involved with the broader pet community with advice and guidance as well as food. We don’t think our heritage makes us special. We think it gives us a special responsibility, one we’re proud to do more.